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Pieter van Breda arrived from the Netherlands in South Africa in 1719 and, in 1731, acquired the Oranjezicht (“Orange View”) estate in Cape Town.

Oranjezicht was probably so named either because it overlooked the Castle's Oranje bastion or because of the sight of abundant orange trees growing in the Company Gardens. Oranjezicht remained with the van Bredas for over 200 years and was gradually enlarged over time, covering 182 hectares by the 19th century. The van Bredas were known for their great hospitality.  Many important visitors to the Cape Colony were entertained on a lavish scale with dinners, an in-house orchestra and a wonderful garden.

The original Oranjezicht house was situated on what is now the bowling green adjacent to Homestead Park. Members of the family continued to live there through the 20th century but, over time, more and more land was sold until ultimately, there was little left of the original estate. The house was purchased by the Cape Town City Council in 1947, supposedly to be turned into a civic museum. That never happened and the antiques were auctioned off. At one stage it became the residence of the conductor of the Cape Town Municipal Orchestra. In 1955 the homestead was demolished to make way for a sports club and lawns. Now only the name of the suburb remains of the proud van Breda possessions.

Belmont House was constructed in 1924 on property that was once part of the Oranjezicht estate. Originally a family home, it was converted into a bed and breakfast in 1988.  In 2013 the business was bought by the current owners who have made progressive upgrades while preserving a comfortable, cheerful atmosphere.   While many of our guest come back every year, we are always happy to welcome new friends.  Come and stay at Belmont House!